The Gold Standard of Wood-Burning Grills.
— The New York Times

"Brilliantly thought out and well constructed." ~ James Beard


Press and Chefs are Saying

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Chef Dan Barber

“The Infierno started as a collaboration between Blue Hill and Grillworks ― a grill we could customize to our style of cooking, and to our food. Which is exactly what we got ― a grill that is not only beautiful (it is a centerpiece of conversation in the restaurant), but also versatile, serving alternately as grill, hearth, broiler, smoker and more. It is such a dynamic machine that we now customize our style of cooking to it. We're constantly challenged to use it to its full advantage, which makes it less like a tool than a source of inspiration.”

Chef José Andrés

Until you’ve worked on something like this you cannot know what a grill is.”

The Wall Street Journal

"These are next-level machines."

The New York Times

"The Gold Standard of Wood-Burning Grills."


“One Grill to Rule them All.”

Garden and Gun

"When two of the South’s most buzzed-about chefs—Atlanta’s Ford Fry and Charleston, South Carolina’s Sean Brock—began planning their new restaurants, both asked for the same thing: wood-burning grills from the Washington, D.C.–based Grillworks."


“Grillworks' top of the line Infierno has to be seen to be believed, it is not the Cadillac of grills but more like the rock star tour bus of grills. Get something from Grillworks and your neighbors won’t just envy you, they will take pictures!”

Popular Mechanics

"A beautiful thing."

Bon Appetit

"Grillworks Wood-Fired Grills taking the Restaurant World by Storm."

The Washington Post

"Ben Eisendrath has become Grillmaker to the Stars."

Chef José Andrés

"Until you've worked with something like this you cannot know what a grill is."

The Atlantic

"The Maserati of Grills."

Men's Journal

“The Grillery is a work of art. It is for passionate grillers who want to be involved in the process.”

Adam Rapoport, Bon Appetit

“You can buy a cheap car or you can buy a fancy car. This is the Ferrari of grills.”


“A beautiful, handmade Grillworks grill is worth building your space around.”

Martha Stewart Living

"Perfect for those who wouldn't think of grilling over anything but a wood fire."

Gear Patrol

“Ready your patios for the next love of your life: The Grillworks. ”

New York Magazine

“Grillworks has perfect heat control and collects juices so you can baste or make gravy.”

The Atlantic

“The Maserati of grills.”

R. W. Apple, The New York Times

“The Grillery is unmatched. If the cavemen had had one, frying and boiling would never have been invented.”

Lynn Rosetto Kasper, The Splendid Table

“The grill I lust for most.”


“The perfectionist's grill.”

People Magazine

“The ne plus ultra in barbecue grills for the upscale backyard chef.”


Customers are Saying

“We bought our first Grillery over 20 years ago. When we added on a new kitchen we also bought a new Grillery for the deck, but couldn't easily let the old one go. Friends took it and replaced one or two small parts and now it's good to go for another 20 years. You don't really own a Grillery, you just hold it for the next generation.” ~Edward Malette, TX


"A friend used a word to describe his reaction to using his sous vide "Transformative". It strikes me that your grills are also transformative. Initially I initially thought of the purchase as a super upgrade to my charcoal grill. Now that I've learned more about how to use it, it is much more than that. I'm learning how to use fire and the heat of wood to produce better tasting food." ~ Joel Baumwoll


“My father[Mark] fell in love with The Grillery years ago. He fell for its looks, its simplicity of function and of course what it did for entertaining and eating most of all. The Grillery is a culinary design classic.”  ~ Alexa Hampton, Mark Hampton Interior Design


"The best grill on this or any other planet." ~ Alton Brown, Good Eats, Iron Chef America


“My new grill makes cooking out a sport...the different woods, the extreme range of heat-distance from the flame, the's an action packed grilling experience.” ~ Matthew McConaughey


“The verdict is in from the ranch. Cooked bison, elk and antelope all summer. The Grillery is buffo!” ~ Tom Brokaw, NBC


"It makes our life better." ~ Francine Stevens


"We're the culinary envy of our neighborhood!" ~ Christiane Amanpour, CNN


"Totally cool." ~ Steven Raichlen, BBQ Bible


“What I really like is that you can fill the basting pan with any sauce you want as you are cooking and it mixes with the juice from the meat for a great baste. The constant basting does wonders, as does the flavor of the wood. You've got some very satisfied customers in Las Vegas. The Grillery rocks!” ~ Ronen Olshansky, Las Vegas NV


“Elegant little device; it works fantastically.” ~ Dr. Charles Vest, president, MIT


“I am absolutely delighted.” ~ Morley Safer, 60 Minutes


“The Grillery is to outdoor cooking what the easel is to painting - - almost essential.” ~Jamie Wyeth


“The World’s best non-automotive grill.” ~ David E. Davis, Jr, Automobile Magazine


“The hottest accessory to hit London.” ~ Damien Hirst


“Whoa! I was expecting well built. I was not expecting fit & finish that would pass an architectural inspection." ~ John Tomlinson, Atlanta