Twin Dual 48 Architecturals

Twin Dual 48 Architecturals

These grills are built to slide into or drop onto a space designed by the customer. They are designed for professional restaurant settings and for high-design or serious home grillers (like us!). Because they come ready to integrate with your design, the final look or capacity is limitless. Formed in high-grade 304 stainless steel, they will never corrode.

The Grillworks Architectural System Planning and Ordering Process

 The Grillworks Architectural X60

The Grillworks Architectural X60

Our Architectural System is designed to be integrated into a hearth or base designed by the customer. This allows the maximum level of aesthetic and functional flexibility with the minimum level of engineering and installation effort at the home or restaurant. The grills come out of the crate ready to slide into their new space and get cooking.

The system is anchored by our signature framed exoskeleton. Made by hand, entirely in 304 stainless steel, this strong tubular structure houses and supports the Grillworks lift frames that carry the grill surfaces. Fully freestanding the Architectural requires no additional support. Crankwheels and lift system come out of the crate assembled, complete and ready to go. This core offers the flexibility of a myriad of add-on accessories including South American inspired rear "brasero' fire cages, overhead and rear shelving, food suspension areas, planchas, alternate cooking surface types and of course custom ideas a creative chef may have. Portions of the system can also be finished in ceramic black and brass - the choices are nearly limitless.

To start the information or planning process with us drop an email to or call (855) 434-3473. The Architectural system comes NSF listed and approved, and once installed can be UL/ETL listed (call for details). THESE UNITS DO NOT COME WITH UL/ETL STICKERS. As they are destined to be installed in enclosures designed by masons or contractors selected by the customer, they must be individually inspected by a third-party such as Intertek to receive their stickers. PLAN ACCORDINGLY - Grillworks has no control over these services' schedules nor will pay for certification of enclosures as we did not design or build them. We DO provide the warning plates and build our grills in the materials required by UL/ETL standard 2162, so once all is in place, inspections are often accomplished quite quickly. We WILL help in any way we can to make these processes routine and lend advice. Note that our Infierno line, since it is fully self contained and not in need of an enclosure, leave our shop with the stickers. If you have any concern with building your own enclosure the Infiernos may well be better suited to your project.

Professional Dual Sizes

The Dual X36, Dual X48 and Dual X60

The Architectural System's restaurant-grade X line is equipped with Grillworks' signature chain-and-gear lift system that is capable of lifting massive weights with minimum one-hand effort. They are tuned for the day-in, day-out use a restaurant demands, and overbuilt to take anything a culinary team can dream up, looking fantastic as they do. These come in three primary sizes, with customs always an option. The Dual X36 is ideal for a smaller restaurant (30-60 seats), Dual wheels and surfaces give maximum flexibility per square inch even in this modest size.

A single Dual X48 Architectural can power a live fire restaurant of up to 100 seats (depending on menu).

The Dual X60 Architectural is intended for large-scale built-in effect. Both in capacity and dramatic appearance the 60 delivers great rewards to the right project. Its width also allows for central room between the grill frames to place a heavy freestanding plancha, one of our most popular options on our flagship Infiernos. This grill is a good choice for restaurants of over 100 seats that plan to touch much of the menu with fire.

Any of the Architectural X models can anchor a large-scale home installation as well - their beef and mechanics will wow any set of live-fire guests.

Residential Dual Sizes

The Dual 36, Dual 48 and Dual 60

The home Architecturals use our tried-and-true cable and pulley lift system that has run our grills for over 30 years. They are beautiful, flexible and offer nearly every option that their muscular X System siblings do but in a svelte package designed for the home or entertainment space. If you own an X Architectural at your restaurant, this is the one you'd throw parties around at home.


A Dual Architectural 48 ready for install.


Ready out of the crate! When you order an Architectural System, or plan for it, we send you PDF drawings and instructions for readying your space. Once you place the order the lead time is about 10-12 weeks depending on whether yours will require customizations.

Email or call (855) 434-3473 to discuss your ideas or to receive PDF drawings.


Optional rear fire cage in action on a Dual 48

Finishes and cladding

Many home and restaurant projects are going for a specific look, so either surround the grill with the aesthetic choices they make or clad it as desired. King and Duke in Atlanta built a surrounding dark steel structure to add more patina.

We can ceramic coat many of our grills in black or other colors, and can plate some parts in brass, just ask.


Dual 48 Architectural at Lilia in Brooklyn

Accessory options

The list keeps growing. The Architectural System base setup comes ready to grill, with exoskeleton, lift system and V-Channel cooking surfaces. To this you can add (so far):

  • Rotisseries
  • Screen mesh surfaces (small items)
  • Bar surfaces
  • Rear coal-producing fire cage
  • Rear shelving system (ex. paella, vegetables)
  • Overhead shelving (resting, suspension)
  • Standing or grill surface plancha

The (single) Architectural 36, 48 and 60

Architectural 48 (single) in California

Single Architecturals

We also build our Architecturals in single-wheel sizes, from 36 to 48 to 60" in width. Unlike the Dual Architectural models that lift from one end per surface, these lift with a tandem cable system, evenly lifting from each end. We build these aimed for the simplest, elegant solution for homes or - usually in multiple unit installs - for smaller restaurants. The grill pictured above was featured in Dwell Magazine and remains one of our favorite installations. In the gallery below you'll find photos of smaller,professional and home Architecturals.

Need a simple side-wheel Architectural? No problem. They are an easy drop-in to a counter or hearth installation. We call them our Open Architecturals (since they are usually in an open installation). They come in 36" 48" and 60", and can have two wheels and independent surfaces as well as one.

Open Architectural 48

Again, email us at and we'd be happy to share drawings or get you quotes for your planning. Lead times are between 10-15 weeks from order to shipment, so plan ahead! Or call (855) 434-3473.

Where can you see some Grillworks Architecturals in action? Check out our map of Grillworks-powered restaurants.