"Until you have worked on something like this, you cannot know what a grill is."

~ Chef José Andrés


Our Infierno grills came from an early collaboration with NYC's Chef Dan Barber, who asked us to create a true live-fire cooking system for his Blue Hill at Stone Barns. It took two years, many tests, failures and iterations, but what came out still stands as one of our proudest achievements. The infiernos that came of this teamwork are truly our ships of the line.

The Infierno X166 is our biggest, baddest and most advanced professional live-fire machine ever. She boasts four grill stations, each driven through an 18" vertical range by patent=pending industrial grade chain-and-gear lift mechanisms. Complimenting the open cooking is her integrated Blanco oven, pulling heat and smoke from the fires of the hearth. Resting and suspension shelves arc over the cooking area, giving the chef the flexibility to cook in practically any manner that he or she can dream up. The vast hearth also accommodates coal cooking and plancha stands, two rotisseries, while her eight grill surfaces can be swapped between V-channels, screen surfaces (for small or delicate items) or hard-marking bars.

The X166. The flagship of our tenth year building dream grills for live-fire devotees. Call (855) 434-3473 or email orders@grillworks.com for drawings, quotes and more information.

The Grillworks X-system, in more words:

The Infierno X system is a patent-pending, ultra heavy-duty adjustable hearth cooking system. At the core of it is a unique one-handed crankwheel operated chain-and-gear that raises and lowers an infinite mix of grill surfaces over a professional hearth. In addition to the simple mechanics of operation, the X system includes a telltale Grillworks sound-and-sight height indicator that makes it easy for chefs on an active line to communicate ideal cooking levels to each other. Live-fire on an open hearth is often more art than science, so this system can shorten the learning gap between the seasoned chef to those new to the discipline.

And we understand that our systems are stages upon which chefs perform for guests, so the X system visuals are unmatched in finish, presence and drama.

In the Infierno line the X system is integrated into our flagship roll-in hearth units. The lifting gears are shielded from the action of the hearth while the elements critical to chef operation and guest eyes are exposed for all to appreciate. Like displaying the workings of a swiss watch or the engine driving an Italian sports car, the mechanics of the Infiernos, coupled with the fires they house, are designed to amaze the eye while  their chef-drivers amaze the palette. And we understand that every fire-driven concept differs in goal and scale, so the Infierno Xs are modular, allowing designers to create their own array of hearth, oven, grill, rotisserie or suspension stations without worrying about constructing an enclosure or settling for off-the-shelf solutions. Have an idea we aren’t offering? Grillworks relies on chef inspiration to keep bleeding-edge R&D churning, so we welcome semi-custom, custom and even crazy - actually especially crazy - X visions.

The X166 rolled out first, coming soon (taking orders) is the X100, X88, X66 and X55,


 The Infierno X100

The Infierno X100

Chef reactions

We can't do much better than Chef Dan Barber's words:

"It is such a dynamic machine that we now customize our style of cooking to it. We're constantly challenged to use it to its full advantage, which makes it less like a tool than a source of inspiration.” ~ Dan Barber

The first Infierno still stands outside the Blue Hill at Stone Barns dining room, thrilling those lucky enough to be seated near a window or with some extra time to walk out and watch the chefs in action. This grill was our first "big grill" and represented an all-out effort on both our side and the Blue Hill culinary team in putting together the most flexible live fire cooking system possible. The grill is designed as a platform upon which a limitless number of techniques can be performed. It is a hearth, a grill, a smoking system, and an improvised baking machine, And all this action is visible to customers - live fire cooking is a show.



At its simplest you have two flanking grill stations surrounding a central hearth and charcoal-production space, high shelving and suspension areas rise above the fire. Removable rotisseries mount across both grill stations. A smoke station can be placed in the center station if the chefs want more smoke kick on their dishes. As with all Infiernos: NSF, CE and ETL/UL2162 listed. Call or (855) 434-3473 or email orders@grillworks.com for drawings or quotes. Download the technical guide here.

The Infierno X88, X66 and X55

These Infiernos are designed to easily fit within standard kitchen designs, whether they be compact or expansive. Each model uses our chain-and-gear lift system to raise and lower food over the fire, accepts a myriad of cooking surfaces (beyond the standard V-channels), and offers resting and suspension areas as well as optional planchas and rotisseries. They can run inside under an appropriate hood, or sit outside in the elements.

Note! The photos below are temporary - and show the previous generation of similar-sized Infiernos, We will update these as the new X Infiernos come off the line for their close-ups!

Infierno 80 (click to enlarge)

The Grillworks Infierno 80 - INFIERNO X88 COMING SOON

The Infierno X88 is available as a wide twin-station model with plancha in the center, or a triple grill station setup, offering another configuration for those who want more grill stations and may not have the space for an X100 or X166. We love the look of this one. At 88" wide this Infierno offers tons of flexibility. She can also be equipped with a static plancha positioned between two surfaces on the brick hearth. Contact for quotes or details (855) 434-3473. NSF, CE and ETL/UL2162 listed. Download the technical guide here.

Infierno 64 (click to enlarge)

The Grillworks Infierno 64 - INFIERNO X66 COMING SOON

The Infierno X66 is an excellent balance of scale and firepower. Twin lift surfaces carry two grill surfaces each, and those V-channels can be swapped for screen mesh, plancha or even traditional bar as needs arise.  As with all the Infiernos, full-width rotisserie and suspension room to spare. Contact for quotes or details (855) 434-3473. NSF, CE and ETL/UL2162 listed. Download the technical guide here.


 Infierno X66 In-Suite (IS)

Infierno X66 In-Suite (IS)

This Infierno was designed specifically to be integrated into kitchen suites such as those made by Bonnet (seen here) and other high-design makers. The Infierno comes ready to drop-in, fully lined and ready for cooking once the installation is complete. Usually we ship the grill to the suite manufacturer for a perfect match. Contact for quotes or details (855) 434-3473. NSF, CE and ETL/UL2162 listed.

Infierno 52 (click to enlarge)

The Infierno 52 - INFIERNO X55 COMING SOON

The Grillworks Infierno X55 is our smallest production Infierno, perfect for those projects that can't quite fit her larger siblings. Same features, same accessories, in a pocket battleship! Contact for quotes or details (855) 434-3473.NSF, CE and ETL/UL2162 listed. Download the technical guide here.


The Infierno Blanco Oven

 Grillworks Blanco Oven

Grillworks Blanco Oven

Our new oven is a “white” - or clean oven, hence the Blanco name. There is no fire built in the cooking chamber - rather the oven’s internal heat is drawn in through a rear vent from the wood fire below, which also directly heats its soapstone deck. This guards against the surface cooling that can occur in ovens that rely on convection or in-chamber fires to maintain heat. Even with the main doors wide open the deck will maintain high temperature.
An intermediate shelf inside the oven allows slower cooking off the deck, effectively creating two zones inside the chamber: searing surface and elevated slow bake. The Blanco is also well-suited to slow smoking with a minimal fire. Simply run a modest hearth coal bed with a slow-but-steady supply of smoldering whole pieces of wood and the smoke is drawn into the cooking chamber.

The Blanco's hearth is also used as a grilling or searing zone, either directly on the coals or with our optional plancha or drop-in grill surface. You effectively have a combination open grill and oven in one 34" wide footprint.

Can be delivered freestanding (shown) on a short stand for hearth install, or mounted into an Infierno 96 or 154. Call 855-434-3473 or email orders@grillworks.com. Download the Blanco Technical Manual here.

Custom Infiernos

 The "2/3" Infierno 96 custom

The "2/3" Infierno 96 custom

Since we build everything to order we have a virtually unlimited customization capacity. If the request builds on our system we can generally do it. In fact, this often leads to new models when we discover a custom design will be useful for other customers going forward. The "2/3" 96 is a perfect example. Removing one grill station created a perfect "end of line" machine for many customers and a slick asymetrical look.

If you have an idea, ASK. 855-434-3473 or orders@grillworks.com

Where can you see an Infierno in action? Check out our map of Grillworks-powered restaurants.