Twin Infierno 64s at José Andrés Bazaar Meat in Las Vegas

Twin Infierno 64s at José Andrés Bazaar Meat in Las Vegas

We specialize in creating the ultimate machines for grilling over natural wood fires. Our designs range from extreme large format Infierno® installations to elegantly simple showpieces for the serious home griller. But every grill we craft shares the same patented cooking system, proven over decades by countless chefs, cutting edge restaurants and of course home cooks at innumerable grill parties all over the world.

Grilling over Flame

Live-fire cooking, and therefore Grillworks, owes perhaps the most to the long traditions of Spain and Argentina. And though each uses varying degrees of flame and coal the core value is the same - wood fire is king.

Over our grills there is no need to cook only over coals. In fact we (the terminally biased) say don't limit yourself there. Though charcoal does a fine job of providing long even heat, most of the character of the wood it once was is gone, burned away with the moisture. Since you can crank the food at least 16" above the fire on our grills, you can grill over whole, unadulterated wood the minute you have steady flame, infusing all above the fire with true wood smoke. And you can mix - we highly recommend treating charcoal as pure heat and whole wood as seasoning. Restaurants can control their wood consumption and achieve steady long term fires while home grillers can spare their tasty wood supply. And there is so much taste to try - every hardwood is different. If you don't have a local source for the more exotic, try what we favor. Grillworks Perfect Grill Wood

Key Features of our Grills

Our overall guide covers our philosophy and the practicalities of operating our grills, from the V-Channels to height adjustment, fire management and care. You can get the PDF HERE. Or give us a ring if you have specific questions (855) 434-3473.

  1. Stainless steel hand-welded body

  2. Tough wheels designed for easy rolling

  3. Signature crankwheel for adjusting surface height

  4. Tempered or stainless fire grate for long life

  5. Built-in sliding ash drawer for easy emptying

  6. V-channel, juice catching surfaces

  7. Basting pans catch the concentrated juices

  8. Persuader tool keeps things moving down the channels

Regarding basting

We are crazy about this. Our V-Channel® surfaces carry juices to a detachable basting pan in front of the surface and away from where they might cause flaring. This function opens up the use of live fire for cooking where previously it simply couldn't due to the potential inferno of burning fats and oils. At best most round-bar American grills achieve much of their "grilled flavor" through food's contact with the smoke from burning fats - not wood.

The juices collected are used for basting, and in turn make many trips down the hot V-Channels, concentrating their flavor. Without burning off. And the food, exposed to unadulterated wood smoke, takes on the subtle flavors of the varieties being used. The wins are multiple: never a dry result, intense, woody flavor and a championship sauce base.

For Home Chefs

We’re thrilled to field calls or emails for tips or advanced ideas in live fire cooking, but we also find ourselves continuously recommending a select list of books friends who use our grills, are masters of fire, or simply time and taste-tested brethren to Grillworks. Links below!

Who has our grills and where can you see them?
Check out our map: Grillworks-Powered Restaurants

Help Along the Way

Once you begin grilling over open fire (or return to it as the case may be) you'll invariably experience a steep learning curve. Comfort with your cooking fire is the most important skill you'll pick up on this arc. Once a feel for fire - each fire - develops you're off to the races. Before long you'll be able to tell by smoke, sound and smell rather than thermometer how hot that fire is, where to place dinner on the surface and how to feed it. Wood flame cooking is truly an organic experience. You will get dirty and you'll ruin a few meals along the way, but we promise you loads of fun on the road to mastery.

When you need an advanced answer give us a call at (855) 434-3473. You may also drop us a line at or post your question to our Facebook page. Ben responds via Instagram and Twitter too.

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Our manual does double-duty as a resource for those who own our grills and as a more intimate look at the ownership experience for prospective owners. In it are assembly instructions, care, basics on getting started and a cross-section of our different grill lines. Download the PDF here: Grillworks Guide

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